Phase 1

This is the first NFT project centred around a medical condition, which has significant implications for the future of our planet.

General utilities:

☞ Opportunity to own outstanding hand drawn digital art, that is second to non (3500 unique mad cows will be minted)

☞ Opportunity to be part of the first mediverse project (metapolyclinic) within the metaverse.

☞ Opportunity for Decentralised CGM mediverse airdrop

☞ Opportuhity to be Discord ranked

☞ Opportunity to be White listed for the next NFT collection – Bulls Gone

Medical utilities:

☞ Free advice on the best mananagement for the most common condition in the world – Rhinosinusitis (common cold and flu) from a renowned ENT Surgeon (

☞ Also free advice on any ENT conditions from the chief author of 9 ENT books

☞ Free medical career advice for NFT holders and their immediate family

☞ Ten percent discount on Fitline products from German Medical Supplies (GMS) based in Ajman, UAE.

☞ Discounted Healthcare Services - to be announced.